“SWT-ENGINEERING" offers clients the equipment of domestic and import manufacture for water purification and water preparation as to small productivity (calculated on private and commercial users), and for large industrial complexes. By request, are offered both separate kinds of the equipment, and complete lines of water treatment «on a turn-key basis", specially designed under conditions of the Customer as the complete set.

The following equipment is offered:

  • Pump stations of a standard complete set and individual assemblage for concrete conditions of the Customer
  • Aerators
  • Dosing equipments
  • Flow meters, stream gauges, water value counters and so on
  • Filters of rough clearing (disk, mesh) with manual and automatic washing
  • Equipment fabricated or assembled by SWT-ENGINEERING » company
     - Filters washing
     - Ion exchangers
     - Membrane plants (reverse osmosis, ultro- /nano- filtration)
     - Gas stripper
  • Regeneration stations
  • Equipment for RO CIP
  • Cartridge filters
  • UF- disinfection devices
  • Filtering equipment of Kinetico company
  • Devices and the equipment for the automated measurement of parameters of water (рН, conductivity, hardness, alkalinity, etc.)
  • Equipment for Ozone Disinfection
  • Tanks for water storage
  • PP and PVC pipes, pipe fitting, coupler, etc.
  • Gauges, check valve, rotameters, manual and automatic valve and others regulating armature
  • Level meter
  • Equipment for water treatment for swimming pools
  • Automatic control system of the water treatment plant (available for supervision of plant functions, measuring data, alarms and other events for the full recording and evaluation of all data).
  • Water purifiers, dispensers for offices, apartments and houses
  • RO membrane
  • Others

If you like to know more, please contact us!

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tel/fax +7 846 342 5151

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