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About company

We are pleased to welcome you at the website of SWT Group of Companies.

Today SWT is a group of companies, the first of which was founded in 1999 (at first as Samara water treatment technologies) by the set of specialists, aiming at creating a modern, specialized enterprise, which should be able to solve problems in the sphere of technology, equipment and water treatment materials adoption at a high level.

Today we may say that last years added confidence in reality of tasks. Our success in promotion of new technologies, equipment and materials in different spheres of industry, specifically in the power industry, food-processing industry, municipal water supply, manufacture of soft drinks and equipment design and manufacture, first of all which is on the basis of membrane methods of water treatment is the evidence of this.

This progress is made due to long-term partnership of SWT with a lot of leading foreign and domestic specialists and companies, working in this sphere, as well as due to high qualification of our employees, which is allow us to conduct research and development works in the sphere of water treatment on customers order and at ones own cost and expense.

SWT-CENTRE (earlier SWT- ENERGO) company is famous on the market as a reliable supplier of a lot of materials, needed for maintenance and service of stations and water treatment plants, skillfully supporting for the customers in the usage, if its needed.

SWT-ENGINEERING company cooperates with specialized universities and project organizations, works with a wide range of customers, offering a full range of needed works and services in the sphere of water treatment from consulting and design to construction on a turn-key basis. Rendering technical assistance to operational staff of clients in the full range of questions, concerning the suggested technologies of water treatment and the equipment by our company, allow our customers to think of us as a reliable partner.

Today SWT-ENGINEERING is an engineering company, offering its own equipment and having appropriate certificates.

We are chary of our reputation and try to do everything to find a qualified solution to all your problems as soon as possible.

We are glad to offer our assistance in solution of all the problems in the sphere of industrial and domestic water treatment for all the companies and individual persons, which are interested in.

SWT Group of Companies is your reliable partner.

70, building 2, Revolutsionnaya
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Samara, Revolutionary St 70, srt/ 2/
Phone/fax: +7(846) 342 5151
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